Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Write Research Paper

The concept of the research paper may seem simple at first, however, when you start writing this type of assignment, you suddenly discover that you will have to spend a large portion of your time to pick the particular topic, narrow the subject and gather relevant material to produce a powerful research. Writing a research paper is a challenge for lots of students.
Few scholars will cope with this task and produce an A-worthy paper within a deadline. However, if you stick to the following rules and recommendations, you can easily turn a boring research paper writing process into an interesting one.

Steps to Writing Powerful Research Papers 
1) Know what your tutor expects from you. Carefully read your assignment, make sure you clearly understand all requirements. If you are not sure in some points, it is better to consult with your teacher. 
2) Start planning your research as soon as you get your assignment. If you were not assigned with a topic, start brainstorming and defining a good one. Of course, it may seem a time consuming process, however 50% of your success will depend on the chosen theme. Do some preliminary research, check out what themes are popular and what have enough research material. 
3) Once the topic is chosen, do not hurry to start searching for the material. Firstly, write everything that YOU already know about the theme. This step will help guide you work and make your research more productive. 
4) Begin research process. Gather several sources, use only trustworthy and reliable material for the analysis, take advantage of all sources available for you. 
5) Time management is another important aspect of research paper writing process. You are strictly forbidden to delay your writing. It is best to plan to write the work a week or if possible, a day. 
6) Organize your ideas and take notes while analyzing material. Identify important information that will help your reader to be involved in your analysis. 
7) Organize gathered data and write your first draft. 
 8) Use Footnotes and Endnotes.
 9) Write a bibliography
10) Revise, proofread and edit your work. If necessary, you may ask assist at someone who is experienced in academic writing. Research Paper Structure Your paper will consist of: an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph that presents a general statement concerning your theme and ends with a thesis statement. The purpose of a research paper introduction is to present the audience your theme, inform them about your viewpoint and catch the interest of the reader. 
 The main part consists of a number of paragraphs which develop your point of view and present evidence. Each paragraph should be limited to a single idea, include some examples and quotations. To smooth your thoughts and ideas, use transitions. The purpose of conclusion is to sum up all ideas and restate the thesis statement. 
For those who know how to write research paper, it will be more easier to cope with this task and compose an A-worthy paper within the deadline.